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Leerburg Articles The German Sieger Show

The German Sieger Show

The German Sieger Show

The Largest GSD Confirmation Show in the World

German Sieger Show

The German Shepherd Dog Club of West Germany (known as the SV) sponsors the largest German Shepherd conformation specialty show in the world. This show is held in a different city in Germany every year. There are usually about 1500 dogs and 30,000 spectators at the show.

These tapes are edited to show most of the Select VA Males being tested in bite work. Following the bite work is the progeny groups of the popular stud dogs. We try and include all the groups that would have any progeny in the top 20 places of the show. This is followed by coverage of the youth classes. We show you the top 5 dogs in each class. There are 4 classes 12 to 18 month old males and females and 18 to 24 month old males and females. Finally you will see coverage of the adult males and females (those over 2 years of age).

These videos are the original SV Rei Vision videos from Germany. They are edited under the supervision of the SV. There is not a lot of narration, but what there is is in German.

Sieger Show Videos

1995 Sieger Show

1989 DDR Sieger

1988 Sieger Show

German Sieger Show

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