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Sorry, but the Competition Obedience Seminar with Tami McLeod has been discontinued.

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On-site Dog Training Competition Obedience Seminar with Tami McLeod

Competition Obedience Seminar with Tami McLeod

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Sorry, the Competition Obedience Seminar with Tami McLeod has been discontinued.

  • Taught by Tami McLeod
  • May 5-6
  • Located at Leerburg in Menomonie, WI
  • Working spots filled, unlimited auditing spots
  • Private lessons with Tami are available HERE
  • Not eligible for refunds, coupon codes, or sales
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We are excited to announce that we will be hosting Tami McLeod for a two day obedience seminar located at Leerburg in Menomonie, Wisconsin on May 5th and 6th, 2018. Tami is a Leerburg Online University instructor and a skilled coach and teacher for all levels of dogs & handlers. Whether you wish to participate in Search & Rescue, Rally, AKC obedience, IPO or ringsport, this seminar will help you develop more drive and precision. All levels, ages and breeds of dogs welcome. Whether you are new to dog sports or a seasoned veteran this seminar will have something for everyone. Working spots are filled, but there are unlimited auditing spots available.

We are also offering private training lessons with Tami on Monday, May 7. Sign up and reserve your spot HERE. Each lesson is 45 minutes long, and there are limited spots available.

Leerburg Address

406 Technology Drive West

Menomonie, WI


About Tami

As a professional dog trainer for twenty years, Tami has been fortunate to blend her passion for working dogs together with her livelihood. She offers pet dog training and competition sport dog coaching and workshops through Tami McLeod Canine Coaching.

Training started at an early age, beginning with AKC conformation handling (Rottweilers and Scottish Terriers) and obedience trials (with her father's German Shepherds). At thirteen years old her first German Shepherd introduced her to the glories of success in obedience trials. She was just sixteen years of age when the training director of her first local Schutzhund club took her to spectate at the DVG Championship. From that point on Tami was enamored with the power and relationship of high drive dogs.

Tami titled her first dog in IPO (schutzhund) at 16 years of age. She went on to garner titles at the IPO/SchH III level on four different dogs, an additional two dogs to IPO II, a few to IPO I's, a dozen plus BHs, a French Ring Brevet, and accumulated over 100 working dog titles in dog sports (mostly in IPO) with a variety of breeds.

Fortunately, her wonderful clients have allowed her to work toward training/titling numerous breeds which has assisted in developing her flexibility and range as a trainer. Breeds include GSDs (show and working dogs), Malinois, Giant Schnauzer, Borzoi, Rottweiler, American Pit Bull Terrier, Border Collie, Border Terrier, various sporting breeds, and a multitude of breeds in the companion dog world.

  • Competed in the N. American Championships X 2, USA National Championships X 2, Regional Championships X 3, AWMA Nationals
  • FCI All Breed World Championship team member (Germany) where I was the youngest ever American to compete and trialed the youngest dog
  • Multiple High in Trials, High Tracking, High Obedience, High Protection -"V" (excellent ratings) achieved in all three phases

Having the good fortune to work with some challenging dogs, which tipped the scales toward either too much or too little drive, required Tami to become an innovative problem solver and develop my flexibility as a trainer. The ability to effectively train a wide range of dogs is attributed to those dogs who posed difficulties which other trainers had given up on.

Tami has contributed to dog clubs over the years as founding member of the American Working Malinois Association, board member/delegate to the American Working Dog Federation, serving on past committees including the National Events Committee, former Pacific Northwest Training Director, and Training Director for local clubs.

Currently, Tami is accepting students for companion dog coaching and a limited number of dogs/students for competition coaching in middle Tennessee. She provides workshops a few times per year in the US and Canada, and also offers an online course and DVD on Drive Development through

Her latest endeavor involves the formation of a new obedience club in the United States geared toward FCI style of obedience. While still in it’s infancy, her hope is to bridge the gap between the precision of the obedience world and the core drive work found in the competitive bite sports. These fast, flashy obedience performances in a larger physical space that are a pleasure to watch and train, and is a sport that American dog handlers may also enjoy soon as well....with our all-inclusive, American twist.

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