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Sorry, but the Dominant Dog Slip Lead with Handle has been discontinued.

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Dominant Dog Slip Lead with Handle

Based on 3 reviews

Sorry, the Dominant Dog Slip Lead with Handle has been discontinued.

  • Black
  • 1/4 inch thick by 4.8 feet long
  • Adjustable
  • Imported from Belgium
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The martingale style leash is one of the most common leads used to move dogs from one location to another. While it's not a training leash it is the perfect leash to hang by your door (I have 3 hanging by our door) to be ready to take your dog outside or to take a well trained dog for a walk.

It's also the perfect leash to fit in a jacket pocket or a pants pocket. Because of it's small size, this would be the perfect back-up leash for police officers to keep in a pocket.

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These is by far the best slip lead I have every used. The cording is comfortable to the hand and strong. It slips easily through the ring to relieve pressure on the dogs neck but even better...the leather stop keeps it from slipping off ! We use this on our Neopolitan Mastiff as well as our Bulldog.

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I am a professional trainer. I ordered a couple of these slip leads for back up leads if a client forgets or does not have basic equipment. However, after using the lead a few times I saw the benefit of using it as a sort of default primary lead with green dogs I don't have to dig through my equipment bag and find a choke collar that fits. Clients are really impressed in the amount of control this little lead gives them. It's also a great lead to leave on the dog in the house while supervised. It's light and generally stays out of the way. Unlike a 4 to 6 foot lead choke collar combo.

I have never used slip leads in my work (almost 25 years, yeah I know)...I am a traditional trainer and have always used a Martingale or choke collar. I have found that this little slip lead very useful and practical.

My only criticism is that it can be a little rough on the hand (nylon) if the dogs lunges or attempts to bolt...however I know that it is what it is. My next purchase from Leerburg will probably be the leather slip lead.

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I often take my dog walking in the woods off leash. There are times when I need to throw a leash on her quick and this leash is perfect for that. I've tried other martingale and British leashes, but they are too thick and inevitably fall out of my pocket. This leash stays in my pocket without being too bulky. When I need it, it's there and ready to use.

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