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Mondioring Club Decoy Certification

Description: The purpose of this video is to give the viewer a feeling for whats involved to become certified decoy as for the Mondioring sport.

This video is not meant as a training video for decoys. Its simply meant as an informational video to show viewers whats involved to become a certified decoy.

As time passes requirements will change and rules will change, if you would like to study the rules of the sport you can go to the United States Mondioring Association\'s web site and read the rules. Details of what are required can be found there. Decoys must pass a written test on the rules before they are allowed to take the physical portion of the test.

The certification is done by a Mondioring Sport trial judge. This specific certification was filmed here at Leerburg when we hosted our 2010 Mondioring competition. The decoy is Todd Dunlap and Judge was Margaret McKenna and the two certified decoys assisting were Jeremy Norton and Denis Bilik.


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