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Cindy and Rush Training the Long Jump with Michael Ellis

Posted: 12-13-2010 • Length: 5 Minutes, 3 Seconds
Categories: Dog Sports, Michael Ellis, Working/Sport Dog Training
This video is a training session with Cindy and Rush. They are working on the long jump with Michael Ellis. Rush has problems and Michael is going to help work it out.

If you train competition Dogs and are faced with training a jumping dog, I just finished a new 2 hour and 55 minute DVD called Training the Jumps with Michael Ellis.

I have been producing dog training DVDs since 1982 and think this is the best DVD I have ever seen on training a dog to jump. The fact is, this DVD is 3 DVDs in one.

The first 2 hours of the DVD covers training the hurdle. The hurdle portion of this DVD has an opening segment with a lecture by Michael Ellis on the fundamentals of training the jump. There is an excellent chapter on touch pads. There is a step-by-step on how to approach training the hurdle, a chapter on the retrieve over the hurdle, one on proofing and a detailed review of the hurdle by Michael.

There is a 25 minute chapter on how to train the long jump and a long chapter on how to train the palisade.

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