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Teaching the Collar Grab with Ed and Cindy

Description: Dogs often get stressed and go down in drive when their owners grab their collars. The fact is owners often need to take a dog by his collar in a number of the various dog sports: Agility, Obedience, Schutzhund, Mondio etc.

This short DVD shows how to teach a dog the collar grab using markers. It results in the dogs looking at the owners grabbing the collars as a positive thing.


Viewer's Rating:
I've taught my dog this command as well as shelter dogs I've worked with as a volunteer. However, this video was helpful in refining the training technique and I believe it is more effective than what I was previously doing. It seems to take a good bit of coordination and timing on the handler's part but Cindy makes it look easy. I appreciate being given two separate approaches: luring and shaping. Most trainers are almost religious in their advocacy of one or the other. It's always good to have as many options as possible. Thanks!