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Basic Dog Obedience Commercial

01-01-2008 -- 3 Minutes, 55 Seconds

This DVD is 4 hours long. The purpose of this Leerburg training DVD is teach you the art of dog training.

It's our goal to show you that dog training is not rocket science it's 100% common sense. There are no "Tricks or Secrets of the Trade." Dog training is is an art that you can learn if your willing to put your mind to it.

The best dog trainers know how to build a bond based on two way respect between the dog and the handler. These trainers know how to motivate a dog to want to learn. They understand how and when to apply distractions during training so they can show the dog that it must mind under all circumstances.

Our DVD will show you how to approach dog training. It will teach you how to break a task into small incremental training steps (or building blocks). Once the dogs has learned each of these small blocks we show how to put them back together again so the dog can easily perform the exercises.

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I have this DVD and its amazing! Honestly once you buy your first Leerburg DVD you'll be hooked. Leerburg is like crack for dog owners. Everyday I need my little video "fix" heheh thank you

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