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Teaching Your Puppy to Swim

01-01-2008 -- 14 Minutes, 22 Seconds

This video will teach your how to teach your puppy to swim.

Categories: Puppy Training, Free Videos


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This is a wonderful video. We call our pool Mr. Turtle because the first pool we had had a turtle on the bottom of the pool. We use it on warm and hot days. My dog, Kippy, and my sister's dog, Maddie, really like it when we empty the pool because then there are streams of water to chase... Lots of fun.


Thank you for making this video available. We foster MWD puppies from Lackland afb in San Antonio. Watching how Cindy and Ed taught this puppy helped us a lot in getting our present puppy to retrieve from the pool. Doing this activity accomplishes two major goals with the dog: it provides safe, healthy exercise and it is an excellent way to build drive for retrieving because the puppy loves it so much. Also, it will be extremely hot here this summer so this puppy, and any others we foster at this time of year, can have a pleasant way to cool off. Watching this video, and the ones you have on pool toys, motivated us to persist and encourage our puppy to swim even when she was reluctant. At this point she will retrieve from the pool as long and as often as we are willing to throw the toys. We have literally fallen in love with Belgian Malinois. They are truly amazing dogs!

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