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Tactical Training with Police Service Dogs

01-01-2008 -- 1 Hour, 41 Minutes, 47 Seconds

Police canine training programs need to simulate actual street situations. In this 1 hour and 33 minute video, we set up a number of common scenarios that have actually happened with Canine Teams. We show what happens when the average Police Service Dog is placed in these situations. We recommend several changes to training programs that will compensate for past mistakes. You will see how these changes result in a safer situation for the officers and their dogs.

When a Canine Handler responds to a call with outside officers who have never worked with police dogs, the handler must be familiar with the procedure to control the situation. In the video we explain how to organize a search team. We explain how to brief the team on each member's responsibilities. You will see several excellent searches and you will also see what can happen when a canine search goes bad.

Safe gun handling reaches a new dimension when a dog is added. Working a dog under friendly fire, handler fire, and shots fired by the suspect are all covered in detail. We show how dangerous a dog can be to his own handler and other officers if it is aggressive to gun fire. We also show how to train a dog not to be aggressive to gun fire. Arrest procedures with a dog are covered in detail.

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