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1982 GSD Korung in Busecker Schloss, Germany

03-31-2011 -- 2 Hours, 13 Seconds

Back in 1982 I traveled to Germany and spent a month travling around to various Schutzhund clubs.

This is a video that was filmed by Ed Frawley of a German Shepherd Dog Korung in Busecker Schloss Germany in 1982

This video was encoded 30 years after filming. The video quality is not what we expect today. It is offered for it's historical significance.

The village in Germany is the home of one of the greatest working dog kennels of all time - Busecker Schloss Kennels. The breeder of which has since passed away and the kennel no longer exists.

Categories: Dog Shows, On Demand, Protection Training, Schutzhund, SV, Historically Significant, Past Dog Competitions, Free Videos


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