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Endy's Third Training Session of the Object Guard

04-04-2011 -- 8 Minutes, 23 Seconds

The most difficult exercise to train in all of dog sports is the object guard in the various ring sports. Last week I released a 2 hour, 10 minute training video with Michael Ellis titled The Foundation of Object Guard Training. In the DVD, Michael explains the optimum time to start training the object guard is when the dog is between 7 and 9 months old.

In today's video, we will watch Endy at 9 months going through her 3rd training session for the object guard. Michael's system uses markers to teach dogs that when they make the right decisions they get rewarded with the bite. There are other ways to teach the object guard. In my opinion none of them come close to the system Michael has helped develop. Our new video is offered on DVD and on streaming video.

April 4, 2011 | 8 Minutes, 23 Seconds

Categories: Free Videos, Protection Training, Mondioring Sport, French Ring Sport, Belgian Ring Sport, Dog Sport


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