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Patience in Potty Training Stella

08-08-2011 -- 5 Minutes, 40 Seconds

Cindy is potty training Stella, our 9 week old border terrier puppy. Anyone who has ever house trained a puppy will get a good laugh out of this video.

In it, we see Cindy taking Stella out for a potty break. The goal of potty training is to teach a puppy to quickly relieve themselves when you take them outside. To accomplish this the puppy owner doesn’t interact with the puppy on potty breaks. They take them out and stand there until the puppy does its thing. When the pup pees or poops, you immediately praise the pup and bring it back inside.

This teaches the pup a potty training routine. It learns that there are potty breaks and there are play and walk breaks.

Information from this video is covered in Your Puppy 8 Weeks to 8 Months.

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This is too cute! My baby Eskie, Lacey, was and still is just like that. She always makes us laugh and that is a good thing for someone with depression issues. You have to love these little guys even if you're a big dog person. Keep up the good work.


Are you spying on us? My Lab puppy (11 weeks) does this every night just before we go to sleep and here in Ireland every night it's bitterly cold and I have to wait for 10 or 15 minutes feeling the cold in my bones but last night as soon as I put him down he did it immediately and I went to bed warm and with a smile in my face :-). Thanks for sharing this video!


Boy a lot of us have been there with these types of fun, energy-filled puppies, especially when you have someplace to go, want to go back to bed, or it's raining or cold as hell out! lol Stella is super cute!

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