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How do you teach your puppy the meaning of the word NO?

11-07-2011 -- 7 Minutes, 16 Seconds

Question from Spencer: How do you go about teaching your puppy the meaning of NO. I'm raising a Border Collie and she can be very persistent in doing what she wants to. I'm raising her as close as possible to your methods and what I have seen Cindy do. My one concern is about is about teaching the NO. What I have been doing is just staring at her and saying NO repeatedly. Then when she complies, I stop saying it and break the stare. Is there any more you can teach me on this subject until she is old enough to be 'leash popped' as a correction? She's 11 weeks old, so most NO's are about jumping on the ExPen, nonsense barking, or peeing inside.

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Sound Advice! AS a puppy owner myself, this was helpful. Michael always addresses all possible scenarios in his answers, which is immensely helpful.


Very helpful information for puppy owners. Clearly explained as usual by Michael. Thank you.

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