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Zuke's Mini Naturals Dog Treats

11-18-2011 -- 1 Minute, 1 Second

Check out Zuke's Mini Naturals Dog Treats HERE!

These are the treats Cindy and I use for marker training our personal dogs. They are small, soft, the dogs love them and they are the perfect size to train duration (where you have to give a number of food rewards in a short period of time) in eny exercise.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes love these tiny treats. Zuke's Mini Naturals are the perfect size for frequent rewards without overfeeding. Each moist little morsel is packed with the all-natural taste of premium chicken, salmon, rabbit, or peanut butter. All flavors contain an optimal balance of vitamins and minerals to keep your dog healthy and happy! The Mini Natural Treats come in either 6 oz. or 16 oz. resealabe packages. We have found that these are quickly becoming our favorite training treat for puppies here at Leerburg... even our office cat, Sting, can't get enough of these tasty treats!

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