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Free Shaping Raine to Retrieve PVC Pipe

01-01-2008 -- 6 Minutes, 12 Seconds

This short video demonstrates free shaping a dog through marker training to pick up a piece of PVC. Free shaping means you mark behaviors that are progressively closer to the end behavior that you are looking for. In this case Cindy wants Raine to pick up this piece of PVC pipe. Raine has not been trained to retrieve an item yet – so this is a new concept for her.

Categories: Training, Free Videos


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A great video showing the essence of shaping a behaviour.The behaviours offered by Raine in trying to figure out what Cindy wants and therefore how to get the food rewards are classic. Raine is extremely quick to figure out what Cindy wants in part because he has clearly been trained using this method of shaping behaviours. His brain is already receptive to the notion that he can figure it out. The very first shaping a behaviour exercise I did with my pup at five months old, yielded some very puzzled looks from my dog and took a lot longer to accomplish the end goal! At 7 months, she is already tuned into the "trying to figure it out" process but still nowhere as quick as Raine!

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