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Loose Leash Walking with Tyler Muto
Based on 1 reviews

Loose Leash Walking with Tyler Muto

Based on 1 review
Loose Leash Walking with Tyler Muto Cover Art
  • Released Summer 2017
  • Instructor: Tyler Muto
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Does your dog take you for a walk? Do you get a sore arm or tired shoulders after you return home? Do you dream of being able to take a nice relaxed walk with your dog at your side? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it's time to watch Loose Leash Walking with instructor Tyler Muto!

This DVD takes a comprehensive approach to training your dog to walk cooperatively on leash. If you are a dog owner look for a systematic, enjoyable, and effective approach to teaching your dog to walk calmly and comfortably with you on leash, or if you're a training professional looking to brush up on skills or gain more information regarding training the walk, the content of this DVD will be of great benefit to you.

This DVD is over 3 hours and details all of the training skills necessary; from basic to advanced to teach your dog to walk comfortably by your side. Through this curriculum, you'll learn how build a reward-based foundation of heel, condition your dog to leash help in a way that empowers a cooperative perception of it, improve your own leash and dog handling skills, understand what tools to use in training, why to use specific tools and how. Finally, we will cover a few proofing exercises that will both sharpen your dog's understanding as well as improve their ability to stay calm and polite in the face of distractions.

This is a niche DVD designed with the everyday owner in mind who simply wants to be able to walk their dog down the street. Anyone taking in this material should finish the DVD with the confidence to teach their dog the skills necessary to walk comfortably on a loose leash.

We want to mention again, this DVD does not deal in any way with 'behavioral' issues that may disrupt your ability to safely and effectively teach basic leash walking skills. For those who may be dealing with dogs with 'leash reactivity', Leerburg also offers a DVD with Tyler Muto on this subject titled, "Leash Reactivity".

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Excellent program to teaching your dog how to walk politely on leash.

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