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Leerburg Dog Training Q&A Archive Dog Training Q& Archive

Dog Training Q&A Archive

Dog Training Q&A Archive

Leerburg Kennel & Video

I try and answer every question I receive on dog training. I may often come across a little on the blunt side, (some may call it brash). That is because I consider myself an advocate for dogs and not dog handlers. I am an advocate for common sense dog training and not the latest fad that appears on the horizon. Good dog training is not rocket science, it’s common sense.

Q&A Puppy and Obedience

Q&A Basic Puppy Questions

Q&A Housebreaking

Q&A Puppy Biting/Chewing

More Questions on Puppy Biting/Chewing

Q&A Raising a Working Puppy

Q&A Basic Obedience Questions

Q&A Recall and Come

Q&A Competition Obedience

Q&A Buying a Leerburg Puppy

Q&A Marker Training

Q&A on Playing with Your Dog

Q&A Crate Training

Q&A on Bottle Feeding

Q&A on Training with Food

Q&A on Playing Tug with Your Dog

Q&A on Socializing Dogs

Q&A Behavioral Problems

Q&A Dog Attacks

Q&A Behavioral Problems

Q&A Separation Anxiety

Q&A Dog Fights and Questions on Dogs that are Animal Aggressive

Q&A Dealing with Dogs that are Overly Aggressive to People

Q&A Dealing with Sharp and Dominance Problems in Dogs

Q&A Dog Bites and Dealing with Overly Aggressive Dogs

Q&A Kids and Dog Aggression

Q&A Shy Dogs and Fear Biters

Q&A Soft Dogs and Weak Nerves

Q&A Sharp Dogs

Q&A Dog Park Questions

Q&A on Medical causes of Aggression

Q&A on Adding a New Dog to Your Home

Q&A on Pack Structure

Q&A on Barking

Q&A on Socializing Dogs

Q&A Protection, Police Training

Q&A Protection Training - Pups 8 Weeks to 1 Year

Q&A Training Personal Protection Dogs

Q&A Protection Training - Adult Dogs

Q&A Training Police Service Dogs

Q&A Building Drive Focus and Grip

Q&A Schutzhund Training

Q&A Schutzhund Questions

Q&A Schutzhund Tracking

Q&A Schutzhund Obedience

Q&A Schutzhund Protection Work

Questions from Police K-9 Handlers

Q&A Narcotics Dog Training

Q&A Police or S&R Tracking

Q&A Search & Rescue

Q&A Breeding, Feeding and Health

Breeding Questions

Health Questions

Q&A Dog Food and Feeding Dogs & Puppies

Q&A Dogs with Torsion or Bloat

Q&A Vaccinations

Q&A on Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Food

Q&A on Bottle Feeding

Q&A on Raw Diets

Q&A on Nutritional Supplements

Q&A Equipment

Q&A Prong Collars and Dominant Dog Collars

Q&A Protection Equipment

Q&A Muzzles

Q&A Electric Collars

Q&A Toys

Q&A on Leashes and Long Lines

Q&A Tracking

Sport Tracking (Schutzhund Tracking)

Police or S&R Tracking Questions

Miscellaneous Q&A

Q&A Vaccinations

Q&A Sheep Herding

Q&A Pit Bulls

Q&A Rescue Dogs

Q&A Therapy, Service & Assistance Dogs

Q&A on Losing a Friend

I will answer these questions and post the answers in this section of the homepage for others to read. If a question is answered in one of my training articles, I will direct the reader to an article on my web site.

If you have questions, I encourage you to ask them. Please put "TRAINING QUESTION" on the subject line of the e-mail.

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