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Q. My 6 month old puppy tears up everything in my back yard. I’ve tried spanking him, hollering at him, and tieing him up as a time out but he escapes from collars & harnesses. Please help!
I saved a starved, mixed breed, 8 week old puppy out of a ditch about 4 months ago. Now he's a healthy 40lb, 6 1/2 month old, super smart dog. He can sit, fetch, shake, high five, lay down all kinds of things. He would be such a smart, obedient, well behaved dog, if I could get him to STOP tearing up EVERYTHING! He is an outside (half Acre to play on in the country guarded by a wireless pet safe fence) dog with my 4 year old, rescued Bull Mastiff female, who doesn't tear anything up. He is played with everyday, several times most days. I take them places. He tears up anything in the yard, on the porch, under our old house he finds, and under the carport. Things like the water hose (broke the pipe), any paper or plastic (into tiny pieces), fold up chairs, lattice on the porch, and just started on my plants. I tried spanking his butt, tying him up for time out (he escapes from collars and harnesses, and is proud). Hollering at him with no and leave it, bad dog. Please help my family and I really love him. Please Help!

A. Whether this is a symptom of boredom or separation anxiety the only way to work on this is to take away his option to be destructive. I don't know many 6 month old puppies that use good judgment when they aren’t supervised or properly contained. I don't let puppies (or even untrained adults) have access to areas inside or outside my house unsupervised unless those areas are dog proofed.

I would recommend a secure kennel run or crate. I'd also suggest viewing Establishing Puppy Pack Structure and Your Puppy 8 weeks to 8 Months.

Spanking him, yelling at him and doing any type of discipline after the fact won't teach him how to behave. You need to manage his environment and supervise him in non dog proofed areas & have a safe, secure place with appropriate toys and items for when you can't watch him.
We also have a number of eBooks, which include topics that may help you.

Good luck with him.

Cindy Rhodes
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