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Leerburg Training Videos & Books DVDs 2000 Schutzhund USA Nationals DVD

2000 Schutzhund USA Nationals DVD
2000 Schutzhund USA Nationals DVD

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The 2000 Schutzhund USA National Competition was held in Madison, WI. It was one of the best run national events that I have ever attended. The atmosphere was relaxed and the people were there to have a good time. This is definitely a different Schutzhund USA than the one of a few years before.

Mike Hamilton, Donna Rednaur, and Cindy Miller along with everyone from all the local clubs set a standard of quality for all future national events. One of the luckiest things to have happened was that the obedience judge from Germany did not show up. Mike Hamilton (the President of Schutzhund USA) shouldered the responsibility and judged the obedience himself. He did an outstanding job. His familiarity with the competitors and his sense of humor made the event enjoyable for everyone. I have not been around USA for a few years, but if this event says anything it says that USA is back on the road to a good healthy organization.

The winner of this years event was Greg Bennett and his dog Troy vom Hause Welz SchH 3. Greg and Troy scored 97-97-95=289. Greg has been involved in the sport of Schutzhund since the 1970's. One could not have asked for a nicer guy to have won the event.

Editing a national tape is a difficult task. There were many many nice dogs at this event. In my opinion, more than I saw last year in Germany at the Bundesiegger. I ended up with about 13 hours of raw footage. I had the difficult job of editing it down to 4 hours of tape. There are a lot of good dogs and good handlers that did not make the final cut simply because there was not enough space. I have a list of competitors that I put on the tapes listed below. For those that did not make it on the final version, I apologize.

When I edit national event tapes I do not narrate any portion of the event. I am not a Schutzhund judge. I do not offer my personal opinion on the dogs, the handlers or the scores.

Part One
All the dogs on tape one have their obedience and protection routines. In most cases I have included the judges critique.
  • Greg Bennett
  • PhilipSafriet
  • Gary Hanrahan
  • Deb Zappia
  • Martin Volrath
  • Ivan Balabanov
  • Alan Bartelson
  • Kirby Hill
  • Jessy Gabriel
Part 2
  • Pam Hanrahan - Obedience only
  • Steve Miller - protection only
  • Vicki Keller - obedience and protection
  • T Floyd - protection only
  • Tracy Betenbaugh - protection only
  • Thomas Volrath - protection only
  • Vickie Safriet - obedience only
  • Sandra Shaner - obedience only
  • Darryl Jones - protection only
  • Shelly Libowitz - protection only
WPO Dogs
  • Mike Deal - obedience and protection
  • Ulrich Gerling - obedience and protection

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