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Leerburg Training Videos & Books DVDs KNPV Finals The Royal Dutch Police Dog Trial DVD

KNPV Finals The Royal Dutch Police Dog Trial DVD

KNPV Finals The Royal Dutch Police Dog Trial DVD
KNPV Finals The Royal Dutch Police Dog Trial DVD

DVD-R | 1 Hour, 30 Minutes

This dog competition is no longer offered on DVD. It is only offered as a FREE Leerburg on Demand video.


The working dog sport of the Netherlands (Holand) is designed around street police work. It takes 2 years to train a dog to the KNPV I title and 50% of those that pass are sold to the local Police and Military.

This video was filmed at a KNPV trial in Dordrecht, Holland which is located about 12 miles from Rotterdam. There are 3 judges for every trial and they allowed me on the field (where safety presented itself) in Dordrecht.

About 90% of the dogs that compete in these trials are Malinois, 5% are Bouvies and 5% are the Dutch Shepherd. The Dutch do not believe in registering their dogs in a breed registry. Their feeling is that this will take away from the working ability of their dog. When I pressed this question, the consistent answer was that when a police dog bites, his looks account for nothing.

This tape details the exercises and points of the KNPV trial. In addition to some outstanding footage, a friend's wife translated the rules for the trial and I have edited the tape as a detailed documentary of the KNPV. You will see the dutch version of guard the article, the heel next to a bike. The dutch version of food refusal from a stranger, the daring helper work of the KNPV (where we see one helper sent to the hospital). You will see every exercise in the KNPV with it's point break down.

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