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Leerburg Equipment DVDs 1995 Schutzhund 2 USA Nationals

1995 Schutzhund 2 USA Nationals


The 1995 USA Nationals tape consists of 2 tapes one tape on SchH II and one tape on SchH I. This was the first year that USA had a SchH I and SchH II competition. We offer the SchH II and SchH I tapes separately. The following table contains the dogs, handlers, placing and scores for the dogs that completed in the SchH II competition.

Placing Dog Handler Scores Total
1st Gilda Hellersahnstein Lee Baragona 97-94-93 284
2nd Iwo's Andrew V Collinswood Betsey Collins 96-88-92 276
3rd Amor v d Ritterstrabe Burt Gorge 96-88-88 272
4th Beau v d Bosen Nachbarschaft Greg Bennett 82-92-97 271
5th Ms Mattie Bea William Tillery 91-85-91 267
6th Azza Filmteich's Some Better Rosemary Allsup 88-85-92 265
7th Alfi Hullhorster Holtz Brigitte Sagen 81-98-94 263
8th Dare Ya' v Spezialblut Randy Smalley 77-89-88 254
11th Dino Langen Gasse Brett Fulford 19-83-96 0
12th Urion v d Niddereiche Gary Park 56-75-92 0

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