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Decoy Handler Relationship

Posted: 05-09-2013 • Length: 9 Minues, 43 Seconds
Categories: Working/Sport Dog Training
Leerburg is currently producing a series of DVDs on decoy work. In this short video, Ed Frawley discusses the importance of having a good working relationship with your decoy. He also discusses the other reasons it is extremely important to your training program to have a good understanding of what the decoy is doing and why.

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5/5 stars

I am so happy you have decided to make this important series of videos!! So many of us have met decoys who cannot or will not explain what they are doing. So many of us have met decoys who actually create problems in good dogs that we have to then correct. So many clubs want you to hold the leash, shut up and trust someone who cannot explain why or what they want to see in the dog and what they are doing to get it, or what we, as handlers need to do to facilitate it. I have had decoys who overly defensed a very good young dog until it bit him in the chest and then my other dog bit him in the stomach. Decoys who are making grips worse, decoys who are not training the dog that it controls the fight, that their bark and demeanor control the way the scenario goes and that they can win. Decoys that we find out just put on a sleeve and do not know how to read a dog or think their job is to best the dog, not BRING OUT the best. I will be buying every one of these much needed videos. Thank you for making them!

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