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A Window into the Sport of Mondioring and the Dogs that Set the Bar

Posted: 05-23-2013 • Length: 2 Minutes, 50 Seconds
Categories: Dog Sports
This past weekend several members of Leerburg staff and our friends attended the 2013 Mondioring Nationals in Minnesota. We brought along Macey Bundt, one of our office assistants, who enjoys photography as a hobby. This slide show is a compilation of the photos she took of both the competitors and spectators. Leerburg would like to thank all the participants of the trial. For those who have never seen a Mondioring Trial, these photos do a great job of capturing what it's all about. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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5/5 stars

Great photography!!

5/5 stars

Success, to answer your question about Mondio Ring.

It is one of the hardest dog sports to train for. There are so many different aspects and the variables that you and your dog need to be ready for. Every Mondioring trial is different so there is no way to train it as a routine. You need to be able to train your dog to react to any situation without knowing what exactly that is going to be. There is also a lot of obedience involved (it just doesn't make for as exciting of pictures). No one training in Mondioring is going to send their dogs after a real bad guy especially not one wielding a pipe. However, the ring sports are where the majority of your police service dogs and military working dogs come from. These are the sports that test the temperament of dogs and allow people to breed dogs who are going to be able to handle that type of work both mentally and physically.

I hope this answers your question. If you are into Schutzhund, Mondio is another great sport to check out. It's really one of those things that after you go to your first trial and see the dogs that can do it, you become slightly addicted. Not to mention it is a small group of people who train and run the sport here in the US. They are all great people with years and years of experience training dogs and a ton of fun to be around.

Jeff Frawley

5/5 stars

Very nice slide show and awesome pictures! Well done:)

5/5 stars

What am I missing with the Mondo sport? I can't figure out what a Mondo trained dog can be used for. Big deal if he bites someone's leg and could have his back broken if the bad guy has a club or lead pipe. I am certainly more impressed with Schutzhund trained dogs who take the arm or upper torso. Someone please explain because I am willing to be corrected.

5/5 stars

This is the best video I have seen in many years.Only music and silence! The pictures tell all you need to know.
On top of that the poetry of the text enhance the pictures.

5/5 stars

Macey, you did a beautiful job-Wow!!!!