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Cindy Rhodes and Rush (Team Leerburg) Mondioring 2 Trial

Posted: 09-10-2013 • Length: 20 Minutes, 38 Seconds
Categories: Cindy Rhodes, Dog Sports
On September 8th, Cindy Rhodes and her 5 year old Belgian Malinois, Rush, competed in a Mondioring trial in Harris MN, scoring an impressive 286 points out of 300 for their level 2 title. This was the first leg of Rush's Mondioring 2. Before competing at the 3rd level, Rush will need to pass one more level 2 trial. Rush's score of 286 was offset by a 6 point forfeiture of points on the jumps. Due to a preexisting leg injury, Cindy opted to lower the jumps from full height. Had Rush jumped the hurdle and palisade at full height successfully, he would have had the highest ring 2 score ever achieved in North America. The beginning of this video is a few pictures taken of Rush and Cindy during the trial. After the photos, we have broken it down and highlighted each exercise. The entire Leerburg Team is proud of Cindy and Rush's achievements and glad to have them as members of our team.

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5/5 stars

Inspired. A big congratulations to Cindy and Rush!!

5/5 stars

Loved this! Thank you and a big congrats to Cindy and Rush!

5/5 stars

Simply Amazing! Cindy and Rush are such a great team. Watching Rush follow all commands so perfectly is inspiring. The fried chicken must have been tempting, but not a move towards it. The protection phase was awesome; I wouldn't want to be bad guy trying to hurt Cindy while Rush was there...

This was the first I had heard of this sport and after watching had to do some digging and find out more. Good luck at level 3. Please be sure to post videos of that one.

5/5 stars

Thank you for putting this up, I've been waiting all week! Showing where points were lost was very educational for me, great idea. I have been following Rush and Cindy since the beginning and they are a wonderful, inspirational team to watch. Please continue to put videos up as this team continues to compete and train. Cindy as a trainer and competitor is so much fun to watch as she teams up with Rush to meet the challenges. Clearly you guys are a super team.

5/5 stars

Thoroughly enjoyed watching it! Thanks for posting!
Congratulations Rush and Cindy :-)

5/5 stars

Conratulations Cindy you must have been overwhelmed with pride what a great workout from Rush. Good job both of you.

5/5 stars

Beautiful job. Thanks for sharing this with inspiring. Congratulations to Cindy and Rush!

5/5 stars

Wonderful! Congratulations Cindy and Rush. The protection was amazing. The engagement was benchmark.

5/5 stars

What is there to say but WOW!!! Amazing teamwork! Amazing dog! Loved that Cindy smiled so much during the course...loved the dog... It literally gave me chills!! Beautiful, just beautiful!! Great accomplishment..congratulations!!!!

5/5 stars

Impressive! An honor well deserved, by you both! Congratulations!

5/5 stars

This video is amazing! It truly shows the magical relationship between Cindy and Rush. It also shows the super intelligence of this dog and superior training by Cindy Rhodes! For people who are new to Mondioring; this video was easy to understand the process and different steps toward completion. I truly enjoyed watching this partnership.