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Emergency K-9 First Aid

Posted: 10-02-2013 • Length: 5 Minutes, 46 Seconds
Categories: Healthcare and Feeding
This video was produced by The City of Beverly Hills, featuring Beverly Hills Firefighter/Paramedic US&R/Hazmat Manny Rosales and Hachiko-San US&R K9 trainee produced by Darren Howelton and video-graphed by Uri Ruffin. It was filmed early in the morning, and Hachiko was highly excited running around the set. The director, Darren Howelton, and videographer, Uri Ruffin, were concerned that Hachiko may have too much energy, but once the handler put him on a down-stay, he was "grounded" for the show. Please share with others. This video could save their dog's life.

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