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Accidental Cues

Posted: 12-30-2013 • Length: 6 Minutes, 31 Seconds
Categories: Advanced Obedience, Behavioral Problems
In this question and answer with Ed Frawley, Ed will discuss how accidentally making a physical cue or gesture can overpower a verbal cue.

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5/5 stars

As usual, Ed did a great job of answering the questions asked, and explaining his answer with an example that we can all understand. We recently lost our Therapy Dog and are waiting on a puppy. I have ordered the DVD Your Puppy 8 Weeks to 8 Months. I am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Thanks to all of you for the great job you do educating dog owners!

4/5 stars

Hi Ed

I too have over 40 years experience with GSDs, having spent 15 years as a K9 handler in the South African police, today we own and breed white shepherds. I still however find your Q & A sessions very informative, as I do with your DVDs. Keep up the great work of teaching and informing others on how to deal with all kinds of dog problems.

New Zealand.