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Muzzles vs. Prong Collar

Posted: 01-13-2014 • Length: 8 Minutes, 47 Seconds
Categories: Training Equipment
In this question and answer, Ed Frawley answers a customer who adopted a dog from the shelter that ended up having some fearful and aggression traits. The customer wants to know whether a muzzle or a prong collar would be a better tool. Ed discusses a few of the differences between these tools and when to use them.

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5/5 stars

I understand the use of smaller prongs versus larger ones. So, as a follow-up question for those who are NEW to a prong collar: Is there value in using the medium prongs (versus small) in order to make the handler's corrections or small 'pops' to the dog LESS intense. Is having a slightly LESS intense correction better for a person new to a prong collar so that they can 'graduate' to smaller links as they get more skill? I have noticed that most folks over-correct and are 'late' on collar corrections, so perhaps a less intense sensation to the dog might be better while learning, preferably with a skilled trainer involved?