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The Problem with Dog Parks

Posted: 02-03-2014 • Length: 8 Minutes, 54 Seconds
Categories: Eds Picks, Management
This question and answer with Ed Frawley outlines why we do not recommend dog parks. Dog parks are growing in popularity every day but they are a bad idea for many dogs. This email is from a customer who owns a dog that is showing aggression at dog parks. In this video Ed will give several options to avoid a possibly dangerous situation for him, his dog, and the other dogs at the park.

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5/5 stars

Thanks again Ed. I can't get enough of your valuable information. I do take several of my Standards to a dog beach nearby but now will think twice about that event. Even though dogs are rarely on top of one another as the park is about a mile long of beach but now will reconsider that. I try to go at earliest morning hour to avoid the masses. Again thanks for all your valuable information you are constantly sharing.

5/5 stars

Hello. And thank you for doing this video on dog parks. Everything you wrote in your dog park article is so true. I will never take my dogs to a dog park ever again. My last trip there ended badly for one of my standard poodles. We were in a small gated pen inside the dog park. But I forgot to close the gate. A husky trotted in and went up and bit my poodle on the ear. It was over in 2 seconds. My dog yelped and ran back to me. I inspected but didn't see anything wrong. The other owner of the husky. Just took their dog away. Saying nothing. The next day. My dog has 3 aural hematomas in his left ear. Just to let you know it cost me $3000.00. For his surgery, at least a dozen head bandage rewraps, a massive ear infection from having his ear closed, 30 days in an Elizabethan collar, 6 months of hair regrowth on the side of his head that they shaved. That's how fast things can go bad. My dogs have been happier and calmer... They get long walks, and playtime with me now and I am home with them all day. It is so true. Dog parks are dangerous place. Thank you so much for your website. I refer to your website constantly and I enjoy your newsletters. Thank you again. Sincerely, Bev

5/5 stars

Thank you, Ed Frawley! I have friends who take their dogs to the dog parks and keep telling me how much their dogs enjoy them. They continually try to convince me to take my dog but I refuse for the exact reasons you just laid out. I'm also too small and too old to wade into a fight and certainly don't want to get my beloved standard poodle, who is also my service dog, hurt. Thank you again, Anne Borden

5/5 stars

Ed -

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Dog parks encourage the "anything goes" mentality. People seem to have no understanding of pack structure, dominance, etc. in canines, and think that whatever their pooches do in a group is somehow natural and beneficial.

I want my dog to be solid and reliable, to be as indifferent as is reasonable to expect to the presence of strange: people, dogs, cats, squirrels, etc. The idea of dogs "socializing" at dog parks gives me hives. Thanks for you cogent comments.

- Michael

5/5 stars

Well first of all I like that you are wise and 66 years old because so am I! Well maybe not wise but I am 66! I am so glad I ran across this video because I also believe that dog parks are dangerous! I obtained a 10 week old German Shepard about 3 years ago and have taken several training classes. So my dog has several of the commands down. I'm having a problem with him pulling and barking at dogs, people, kids, and small animals when we go out. I'm getting weaker in my old age and although he is better at walking it is still not totally fun for me to walk him. Soooo I am so happy to see you have streaming videos and DVDs to choose from. I also was in the video production business before I retired. I'll be signing up for sure! Thanks again!