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Teaching Engagement Skills - Engagement is the Foundation for ALL DOG TRAINING Online Course

Posted: 05-19-2014 • Length: 3 Minutes, 32 Seconds
Categories: Advanced Obedience, Basic Obedience, Forrest Micke
Teaching Engagement Skills - Engagement is the Foundation for ALL DOG TRAINING

When a dog is engaged with his handler it wants to be with the handler and it wants what the handler has. The picture of an engaged dog is a happy dog that is willing to do what the handler asks because it either wants the high value food reward or the high value toy reward that the handler has to offer.

This two week self study course is dedicated entirely to teaching students what engagement is and how to get it with their dog!

The course will teach students why ENGAGEMENT is the foundation for all dog training. They will learn why engagement should be the foundation for every pet dog training program. Those students who want to get involved with any dog sport will learn why engagement needs to be the motor that drives their training program.

In this course Forrest will teach you how to promote it, how to maintain it, and how to make it work for you as you move forward in your training relationship with your dog.

Packed with rich information, this class will prepare students with both the why's and how's of making and maintaining engagement a central attitude, mental state, and defining feature of your training program.

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