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Michael Ellis - "If you don't need it, don't use it."

Posted: 10-31-2014 • Length: 3 Minutes, 7 Seconds
Categories: Advanced Obedience, Basic Obedience, Michael Ellis
One of the first things students at the Michael Ellis School For Dog Trainers learn is engagement. Engagement simply means, my dog wants to be with me and wants what I have. The first step to developing an engaged dog is to reward the dog for eye contact.

However, as simple as this sounds, there are several common mistakes people make. One of those common mistakes is to make a noise or gesture to get the dogs attention. The problem with this is that that sound or gesture become an unintentional cue for eye contact. Rather than cue the dog we want to wait the dog out until he or she offers eye contact on their own. This creates a dog that is looking to you to find out where the next reward is coming from all the time, rather than only when you make a sound.

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5/5 stars

Great advice and very clear

5/5 stars

Excellent short video on engagement. Michael makes so much sense.

5/5 stars

I again thank you for these short vids - really well done.
This vid, by Mr. Ellis, seems to me to clearly show an example of the the incredible chasm often (maybe always, lol) in communication between dog and human. What can seem so subtle as to be insignificant to human is often incredibly obvious and distinct to dog. I have already shown 2 of my human clients tonight the difference in human direction between Mr. Ellis and his assistant - and the subsequent responses by dog. Mr. Ellis and his direction seems to "click" with dog. The capable assistant doesn't seem to be clicking quite as well....but I'm sure with 20 years more experience he will be every bit as good as Mr. Ellis!
Thanks again

5/5 stars

Very helpful