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Hand Touch with Mark Keating

Posted: 05-11-2015 • Length: 6 Minutes, 11 Seconds
Categories: Mark Keating
Hand touch is a simple, fun game to teach your dog that also has a few practical applications. For example, it can be used as a distraction from external stimulus like a dog or children playing. It can also be a great game to warm your dog up for more advanced training. In certain circumstances, you can use your hand to bait or lure the dog, instead of using food. This video was taken directly from module 2 of Leerburgs Relationship Games online course, taught by Mark Keating. The relationship games course is comprised of 12 fun simple games to play with your dog. Each game is designed to help create a dog who enjoys training and develop a great working relationship between handler and dog. The games are also based on the foundation work for several more advanced obedience exercises. Each game starts with the basics and proceeds step by step to become more challenging and engaging for your dog. Anyone from a novice to an experienced pro can benefit from this course. The next fully interactive Relationships Games course starts Monday May 18th. Enrollment is now open.

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