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Ed Frawley’s Expectations for Walking the Dog

Posted: 08-06-2015 • Length: 5 Minutes, 4 Seconds
Categories: Ed Frawley
While taking your dog for a walk should be separate from your formal training, we still have expectations of our dogs while we take them on a walk. In this video, Ed Frawley discusses what those expectations are and how we develop a dog that understands what is expected of them. This video is taken from Leerburg's online course, Basic Dog Obedience.

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5/5 stars

I always took my Newfoundland to dog park numerous times a week. He was attacked one morning by two lg pit bull males intent on killing my big male. Fortunately my bigger dog managed them both alternately, but the sissy owner just yelled impotently. I had to intervene for my dog (I'm a slim female). After that horrific attack, my Goliath became a legend and I kept close tabs on future visits. He dealt with other dogs with considerable dignity. Now I have new Belgian Malinois puppy and we tried same busy park. First couple visits the puppy got swarmed (park greeting) and now pup feels threatened and ready to bite. We stay away from busy dog parks now. I wish I'd never brought puppy there. I have to work 5 times harder to eliminate fear aggression in him. Any ideas would be welcome! I want to show this dog and I don't want issues with aggression at shows. I don't correct him harshly, he is sensitive to anger and acts fearful. I want to help him feel safe and confident. Thanks!

5/5 stars

great for beginners

5/5 stars

Thank you Ed for stating how much dog parks are such a bad idea!

5/5 stars

It has always been my opinion that dog parks are not a good place. Dogs are not little humans in fur coats and do not need the same type social environment. Yes, my dogs play with other dogs. Dogs of friends who I know have trained their dogs and who have trained their dogs with me and mine.