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Coming Soon: Dock Diving with Michael Ellis

Posted: 09-21-2015 • Length: 1 Minute, 33 Seconds
Categories: Leerburg Online University
Leerburg is working hard with Michael Ellis to bring you a new self-study course: Dock Diving. This course is also going to be available as a DVD in Spring 2016. With the help of some of the top dock divers in the country, we will bring you the best "How To" video and tutorial on dock diving.

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5/5 stars

Can't wait!!! Please hurry

5/5 stars

Marvellous!!! This is exactly what I always wanted. My two pits swim quite well. But one of them has problems with jumping into the pool. She does it, but only when I am already in it and even then with a long hesitation. The second one and my Lab-Mix have no problems with this at all. My brain-damaged stray swims, but without enthusiasm. Without my help he has problems finding the way out. Hope to find some suggestions about some of this. Will you also include to teach a dog how to dive to the ground of the pool and fetch there some toy? Can't wait!!!! Please leave for once all your other activities and offer this course as soon as possible!

5/5 stars

Where was dock diving when my English Springer "Sam" was alive? I couldn't keep her out of the water and fetching was her passion. I had to zip her in the tent to keep her out of the water. Looking forward to this DVD!