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IACP Interview with Tyler Muto

Posted: 09-24-2015 • Length: 14 Minutes, 42 Seconds
Categories: Tyler Muto
This past week, we were fortunate to have our friend--Tyler Muto, from K9 Connection in Buffalo, New York--here at Leerburg producing a new online course dealing with leash-reactive dogs. Tyler is also the vice president of the IACP (International Association Of Canine Professionals). While Tyler was here, we took a few minutes out of our filming schedule to sit down and discuss the IACP conference that took place last week, and talk briefly about why Leerburg recommends all trainers join this great organization.

The IACP is a nonprofit organization founded in 1999 that was established to develop and promote the highest standards of professional and business practice among canine professionals. The IACP has grown to include professionals from all over the globe--encompassing every facet of the dog world. For dog owners, this organization provides information and resources to help build a strong and lasting bond with your pet. From dog training to helping eliminate behavior problems to pet health and care, the IACP advocates on behalf of those who understand the importance of a balanced dog training method.

The IACP is doing an outstanding job of educating and increasing awareness of training throughout the world. Whether you are a professional dog trainer or simply an avid dog lover, we recommend taking a look at their website to learn more about what the organization is doing throughout the dog training community. The IACP is a member-based organization, meaning it can only function if we continue to increase awareness.

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5/5 stars

Great Video - thanks guys for this information. The IACP conference sounds amazing and I saw that there was a livestream option too

4/5 stars

most interesting chat