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Dog Training Influences - A Conversation with Ed Frawley and Forrest Micke

Posted: 10-12-2015 • Length: 21 Minutes, 41 Seconds
Categories: Ed Frawley, Forrest Micke
Ed Frawley and Forrest Micke sit down to have a conversation about how the world of dog training has influenced both of their lives. Combined, Ed and Forrest have 65 plus years of experience training and working with dogs. Throughout their careers, they have both been fortunate to meet and learn from some of the best trainers in the world. In this conversation, they will discuss what to look for in a trainer to learn from, who they recommend leering from, and why, as well as what Leerburg looks for in a new instructor.

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5/5 stars

Short and sweet! Love it

3/5 stars

I don't mean to rant but ... I wish I could turn down(or turn off)the music. The information is good and I'm interested in it. It doesn't need to be dressed up. If your trying to be informative the music is just a distraction.
One man's opinion.

5/5 stars


Thanks for this short, honest, direct, and important offering, there is a ton of really valuable advice in this clip. The take away messages about:

- Creating and demonstrating an honest, real and genuine relationship with your dog.
- The wisdom of balanced training, the inferiority and obsolescence of dominance-based methods.
- Your training journey, a lifetime of learning.
- The trainers to seek out and learn from; the kind trainers to avoid.

Thanks again for this gift.



5/5 stars

I love being a sponge, my dog wrings me out and asks for more lol.