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Decoy and French Ring Workshop Opening Lecture with Chad Hunter

Posted: 07-19-2016 • Length: 1 Hour, 8 Minutes, 55 Seconds
Categories: Dog Sports
This past weekend (July 13-17), Leerburg hosted a Decoy and French Ring Workshop with Chad Hunter. Here is his opening lecture from the first day of French Ring training.

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5/5 stars

Chad is super passionate! He talks fast and this video is loaded with great info. Nice little tips for handlers going into the ring in any sport. It makes you wish you were there to attend the full workshop!

5/5 stars

Love this guy's passion and attitude.. Even if your into another sport. SCH/IPO whatever it may be. You should watch this one as the man sets the tone for any dog sport you may be into, with his healthy view points and wisdom related to dogs ports and training.. #GoodStuff!