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A Day in the Life of a New Puppy Owner with Michael Ellis

Posted: 09-19-2016 • Length: 8 Minutes, 24 Seconds
Categories: Michael Ellis

Leerburg is in the process of working with our good friend, Michael Ellis, to produce a DVD and online course on how to raise and develop a working puppy. In August, Jeff Frawley attended Michael's puppy development class at his school in northern California. We will be using footage gathered during that class as the foundation for this project.

The DVD and online course will cover the puppy foundation work for Michael's training system as well as a variety of management skills. Dog training really has 2 parts: training and management. It is often difficult, especially with our young dogs, to structure both effectively. In this course/DVD, Michael will not only teach you how to train, but also what you should be doing with your puppy throughout the rest of their day. This short video of Michael discussing what his average day looks like with a new working puppy will give a short idea of some of things that will be covered in the course and DVD.

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