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Why Do We Play With Dogs? - In the Classroom with Michael Ellis

Posted: 02-20-2017 • Length: 5 Minutes, 37 Seconds
Categories: Michael Ellis

Those of you who have been to the Michael Ellis' School for dog trainers already know how easily Michael can get on a tangent when it comes to dog training topics or conversation. In this episode of in the classroom with Michael Ellis, a question is brought up regarding a dog who was not exposed to proper play techniques and drive development as a young puppy. Before getting into specific details, Michael takes an opportunity to explain why we play with our dogs.

For more information on how to develop proper play techniques with your dog, check out the series of DVDs Leerburg has produced with Michael Ellis.

Also available for those looking to immerse themselves in dog training and learn the methodology from one of the best trainers in the world, check out The Principles of Dog Training with Michael Ellis. This comprehensive online course mirrors his obedience foundations class at the MES school in Northern California.

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5/5 stars

Could not agree more! I'm a pet dog trainer, and I always work to establish a training/playing relationship between the owner and dog. Several years ago, I was struggling mightily (and very unsuccessfully) with a family puppy with crazy drive-totally off my radar. The ONLY helpful info I found (after 9 months of garbage advice from everywhere else) began the day I discovered Leerburg, and Michael Ellis. His philosophy is the key to training success, pet dog to elite competitor!

5/5 stars

Who doesn't love to play with their dog? I have always played with my dogs and they have always been really biddable although I have never done dog sports. I have an English Cocker and hope to do dog sports with her. My years of experience playing with my dogs is really playing HUGE dividends. A lot of the concepts of using play as a reward is something I apparently intuited from past experience so I was able to dive right into Michael's philosophy to train my this dog right from puppyhood.