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The Video On Demand Features You Should Take Advantage Of

Posted: 09-26-2017 • Length: 1 Minute, 28 Seconds
Categories: Eds Picks, Leerburg Training Videos

Every Leerburg DVD comes with a FREE streaming version. Our Video On Demand keeps all of your streaming videos in one convenient spot. There are also features that make your training experience even better than just watching the DVD.

Each streaming DVD is organized by Chapters. In our Video On Demand, you can easily navigate throughout your training video with the chapters.

Another useful feature is the Quick Rewind button. Each time it is clicked, it takes the video back 10 seconds. This makes reviewing a part in the video quick and easy!

Our favorite feature in our Video On Demand is the Note feature. You can essentially create your own training outline with the Notes. Take as many notes as you want, and add them anywhere in the video. Each note puts a bookmark in the video, letting you navigate to an exact spot in the video.

If you have not had a chance to check out our Video On Demand, we recommend you try now. You may never purchase a physical DVD again.

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