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New Online Course: From the Rescue to the Home

Posted: 01-12-2018 • Length: 56 Seconds
Categories: Leerburg Online University
In this course we will take a behind the scenes look at the journey many rescue dogs go on before reaching your home. We will interview staff and volunteers of rescue organizations to see what life was most likely like before you adopted your new best friend. We will go over common behavior problems associated with dog adoption (nervousness, separation anxiety, etc…) and how to solve and prevent those problems. We will discuss how to properly introduce a dog to a new environment and housemates, Proper Socialization Techniques, Maintaining a Healthy Pet, Leash Walking, Obedience Training and more... Our goal with this course is to reduce the return rate to animal shelters due to behavior problems. We hope you find this course to be a valuable behavior management tool.

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