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Correct Use of the Word “NO” in Marker Training Dogs

Posted: 12-17-2018 • Length: 2 Minutes, 25 Seconds
Categories: Basic Obedience/Marker Training, Ed Frawley, Leerburg Training Videos

The correct use of the word "NO" in a reward based training system can build engagement and drive. In the following video, Cindy shows how to do it the right way.

We at Leerburg promote reward-based training. This basically means we use markers (either a verbal "YES," "OK," or a clicker) to mark correct behavior. During the learning phase of marker training, we don’t correct the dog for making a mistake. Instead, we simply say "NO" or "NOPE," which to the dog means that they will have to try again if they want the high-value food reward. Once our dogs understand how we use "NO" in training, they enjoy training and try harder.

This video comes right out of our Basic Dog Obedience online course/DVD.

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