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The Role of Genetics in Dog Training with Michael Ellis

Posted: 12-24-2019 • Length: 5 Minutes, 20 Seconds
Categories: Michael Ellis

This video was taken from our 2019 Michael Ellis Workshop that was held at Leerburg in December.

In this video Michael explains his views on the role of genetics in dog training and how genetics dictate motivation. Michael explains how he uses that knowledge when he designs motivation building play sessions for his own dogs.

He also talks about how trainers make the mistake of ignoring genetics when designing a training program and how putting personal training goals ahead of our dog’s genetic ability causes problems.

In late January 2020 Leerburg will be releasing an online course that contains up to 18 hours of video from Michael's workshop. The material is this course is outstanding.

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4/5 stars

A short video with some good points made, that although fairly basic, are worth hearing. I have experienced dogs with "no quit." With a dog with such high drive in any working endeavor, the handler must be careful what he asks for, because the dog will likely try to obey even at risk of serious harm.

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