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Using Competing Motivators For a Laser Directed Explosives Detection Dog

Posted: 03-16-2021 • Length: 2 Minutes, 13 Seconds
Categories: Advanced Obedience, Police and Military K9

This video came out of a Leerburg University online course for police and military K9 officers. The instructors for this course are the owners of the Scandinavian Working Dog Institute in Sweden. In this video, you will watch a police K9 that is in training to bite a suspect. The dog is also training as an explosives detection dog. the dog is first sent in for a bite. The decoy returns to his location and then the dog is sent to the laser dot next to the decoy where it is expected to sit. After sitting it can be commanded to search for explosives, bite the suspect again, or be called back to the handler. Leerburg is doing a series of online training with the Scandinavian Working Dog Institute.

This course is available as an online self-study course. To sign up CLICK HERE.

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