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Otis, the Fastest Boxer in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Posted: 02-07-2011 • Length: 3 Minutes, 50 Seconds
Categories: Dog Sports
A week ago, Cindy went on a road trip to visit family in Kentucky. Her sister, Elizabeth, is a novice agility trainer. Cindy filmed her performance along with an amazing performance of a gentlemen in a wheel chair. Elizabeth finished 3rd in Novie. Leerburg doesn't do agility training DVDs (other than the one that was filmed in England back in the early 1990's). We simply don't have time to edit all of the DVDs we want in our area of dog sports. But with that said, agility is a great dog sport. It's a sport almost every dog and handler can train and compete in.

February 7, 2011 | 3 Minutes, 50 Seconds


Emails on this video:

Hi there,

Just saw your agility video on Facebook of the Boxer and the guy in the wheelchair with the Malinois.

For what it's worth – that was in Franklin, Tennessee, not Kentucky. It's the Nashville Dog Training Club's winter agility trial.

The handler is Gene Glastetter from Paducah, Kentucky and his Malinois, Versace. They are amazing.

Thought you might like to know. Thanks for sharing the video!



I just got through watching your video "Otis, the fastest Boxer in Bowling Green" I train with the man in the wheel chair, his name is Gene Glastetter, he is from Paducah, KY and we train with the Paducah Kennel Club. Gene has worked very hard and put many hours in training his Belgian Malinois.


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