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My dog only has food drive, will the training in your focused heeling DVD work with him?

Posted: 07-11-2011 • Length: 4 Minutes, 33 Seconds
Categories: Advanced Obedience, Training with Food
I'm interested in the Focused Heeling DVD, I have a few questions. My dog only has food drive, although it's a very strong food drive. Will this be a problem for that training? Will tugs be involved in the Focused Heeling training? Your site has jute tugs that can be filled with food, would that be a good thing to use to teach my terrier mix to like tugs? I'm also wondering if the DVD would be good for dog owners not engaged in any competition heeling.

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5/5 stars

This video answered directly my question; my dog has very strong food drive but easily loses tug interest. For that reason, I especially appreciated Mr. Ellis's amplification on very strong food drive dogs not having strong tug training drive (usually). Our dog likes to play, which is fun but I haven't found anything yet to use directly in training.