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I would like to train my dog in one of the protection dog sports. I also want a nice family dog. Will this training change my dog and turn him into a liability?

Posted: 09-19-2011 • Length: 3 Minutes, 3 Seconds
Categories: Dog Sports, Working/Sport Dog Training
Question from Miguel: I'm interested in either protection sport training or Schutzhund. My concern with doing so is that I still want my dog to be friendly and a family pet, as I have two children. I'm wondering if awakening the aggressiveness through training would change his good temperament. Any advice and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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5/5 stars

Thank you I have a female, with out much prey drive.(GSD out of CR working lines) I am holding her back and building on her prey drive, a few a good people wanted to bring out fight drive. I have felt she needs a foundation 1st. You verified my feelings

Linda K (shelby) I have a male GSD with SCH 1 so I am not new to the sport