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Stella's First Bike Ride

Posted: 10-27-2011 • Length: 7 Minutes, 36 Seconds
Categories: Cindy Rhodes
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5/5 stars

I've recently purchased a trike for exercising my 35lb 1yo female terrier mix on the bike trails at my home on St. Simons Island. i was concerned about crashing on a 2-wheeler as I've known of some fairly serious injuries and dog escapes resulting from wrecks in this area. Your recommendations on mileage, warmup, cooldown, and rest days are consistent with what I have been doing and helpful as I have just started this activity. I have worried about being on pavement and how much is reasonable activity. Your recommendations are reassuring about how go biking in a positive way. My dog really seems to enjoy her bike outings (and a pace faster than I could otherwise provide) and is responding well to commands related to pacing and stops.

My trike sits higher than a recumbent but otherwise is set up similarly. We also have a 20lb short terrier mix who we have introduced to the rear basket. She did attempt to jump out. We had her on a leash halter restraint but it was too long. I would appreciate more detailed information on how you had Stella restrained. I could not see it clearly in the video. Also, I can see we need to take it a little slower in getting her used to riding in the basket.

In summary, I enjoyed and appreciated the information in both biking videos. Your procedures were helpful and reinforced what I am trying to do for exercise and safety. I use a carabiner on a nylon belt around my waist to keep the leash higher than the rear tire (not sure that would work on a recumbent which sits lower). The leash is actually looped/anchored through the rear basket (which is a heavy duty aluminum) but has enough play so I can still exercise control via a loose leash and not worry about losing the leash if i need 2 hands on the handlebars..

I do have to worry about meeting passing dogs being walked or with other bikes, but so far as long as i can keep moving I have no serious issues. I usually can't readily get off the trail to get out of the way of another dog. I keep a spray water bottle in my handle bar carrier which I have used to spray my dog if she gets too excited about a passing dog. It seems to work but I know continued work on her obedeintce is part of the problem too. Any ideas for me? Thanks for all you do.