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The Protection Theory Class at the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers

Posted: 11-14-2011 • Length: 6 Minutes, 55 Seconds
Categories: Basic Obedience, Michael Ellis, Working/Sport Dog Training

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5/5 stars

Enjoyable video to watch. Its interesting to watch the training that goes into protection work, including the decoys learning and having fun with it. I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of those bites even in a suit! Looks like a fun/challenging line of work to do this type of training.

5/5 stars

Incredible students! The various training that it requires to be a decoy to train in protection work. I understand that this takes practice in order to move properly as not have the dog harm himself on impact. I have seen training of this caliber while I served as a Marine, and have seen dogs get broken bones etc. Sometimes fatal. Great clip.

5/5 stars

WOW! That's Awesome to watch. Really looks like they were having a lot fun... while learning from one of the BEST. Great job instructor Michael!!!

5/5 stars

Enjoyed watching people interested in protection work. Those in the video also appeared to enjoy it too. This is obviously a credit to the instruction. The video itself was fun to watch, especially with the music. Great job Michael and Leerburg!