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Prong Collar Leashes

Posted: 09-20-2012 • Length: 7 Minutes, 47 Seconds
Categories: Training Equipment
Ed Frawley discusses some of the new prong collar leashes and changes that we have made based on feedback from Leerburg customers.

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5/5 stars

LOVE the video explaining the newest prong collar leashes. I have just ordered one of the 2 ft synthetic ones, and will be looking for a 4 ft Prong collar synthetic leash also. Thank you for explaining all the differences and HOW they came about... and thanks for another perfect product that is seemingly made with my needs in mind!

5/5 stars

The video was very informative.

I would like to see you offer 2 and 4 foot soft grip/synthetic leather leashes. I have synthetic collars and 10 ft leashes and love them. They hold up and are very easy to clean