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Hurtta Polar Vest

Posted: 11-15-2012 • Length: 57 Seconds
Categories: Training Equipment
The Polar Vest is a soft and warm high-visibility vest that yields to the dog's movement. This close-fitting model protects the dog's rib cage and keeps it dry. The vest is made from rustle-free Softshell fabric with a laminated water-resistant Houndtex layer. The product is ideal for sporting activity, hunting and daily walks. The inherent warmth of the product does not recommend it for summer use. A tag around the neck has space for the owner's telephone number.

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5/5 stars

I love this video....everything about it....! The Star modeling the vest (you should have given us his/her name), the fashion (the polar vest), the entire concept of the video is FABULOUS! And the splash Leerburg ending is AWESOME! Made me smile, and purchase the Hurtta Polar Vest! FIVE STARS all the way! Way to go, Leerburg.

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